Designed for when you're attending the utmost luxurious banquet or chipping ice in chilly temperatures. Sea otter fur and seal skin apparel by C. Ruby Designs delivers exceptional quality and durability you will love from every handmade stitch.

Alaska Native Innovative Designer


My work takes me back to my ancestral roots. The fur has a familiar sensation that meant life or death to my people and its value has not changed for thousands of years. Using skills taught to us from the past will insure we will never go hungry and we can always clothe ourselves. But we didn’t just hunt; we strove for individual expression in the creation of beautiful clan art. It’s with this sentimental pallet that I create modern looks with glimpses from the past. My creations are inspired from skills passed down to me by my grandfather: a very talented man from Klukwan who carved totem poles and toured the world as a Chilkat dancer. I strive to be as proud of my work as I am of my heritage. 

I am Christy Ruby, an Alaskan Native Tlingit Eagle from the Keet Gooshi Hit House, Killer Whale Dorsal Fin. 

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Award Winning "Eagle Equality"

While I'm harvesting, check out my crazy attempt to look normal in front of a camera! Its all about the scarf The Scarf

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If your in Ketchikan Alaska, send an email to drop by the studio and try on some furs!!

To read more about the Fed laws we follow pertaining to sea otters:

Seattle Times wrote an excellent article on sea otter issues.

C.Ruby Designs, Ketchikan Alaska

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