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Santa Fe Indian MARKET

August 19th and 20th, 2017

Cherokee Art Market

October 14th and 15th, 2017

Kindred Spirits articleYou can read about my unique lifestyle in this newly published story in Bear Essentials of Life magazine.  Click the picture to the left to read the story, or click the link below for a magazine subscription.

searching for ottersI was born in Haines Alaska with French Canadian relatives on one side and Tlingit on the other, (a tough pioneer mix). I've lived in Alaska all my life and love all types of fishing and hunting. My other talents consist of multimedia arts, graphic design, gardening, and raising chickens. I mainly hunt harbor seal and take a few sea otter once a year. There are no limits of take on either of these animals and their populations are flourishing in southeast Alaska. The only requirement for hunting them is that you are at least 1/4 Alaskan Native and live on the coastline of Alaska. I use a 22-250 and reload my own ammo to take all my game, including deer. I salvage some seal meat and fat and donate to several groups of elders who can't get seal. It has the flavor of the ocean and is very dark, oily and rich in omega fatty acids. I utilize all of my hides to make beautiful contemporary fashions in the highest quality. Thank you for supporting the small Alaska Native businesses of the Last Frontier.

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sea otter vest win


2015-2016 Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Native Art Market, New York

Showcasing latest fur creations for the east coast in lower Manhattan New York

2015-2016 SWAIA/ Santa Fe Indian Market, New Mexico

Second Place in Diversified Arts with a V-neck collar in Alaskan materials - 2016

First Place and Best in Division Textiles with a sea otter vest - 2015

2011-2014 AFN Conference

Sold seal and sea otter apparel and networked with senators on “significantly altered” issues - Anchorage/Fairbanks, AK

2011- 2014 Winter Arts Fair

Sold seal and sea otter apparel - Ketchikan, AK

2010 UNDER THE BIG SKY, Holiday Festival

Displayed Alaskan Native subsistent lifestyle and sold seal and sea otter apparel - Missoula, MT

2009-2014 Fur Rondy NATIVE ARTIST MARKET

Sold seal and sea otter apparel, whiskers, claws and donate seal fat and meat to native elders - Anchorage, AK


Bear Essential Life Magazine, Winter 2016/2017 "Kindered Spirits," Saskatchewan Meets Alaska, Biography on the amazing style of Christy Ruby. Written by Tara Lymn Barks

Anchorage Press. Oct. 23, 2014 AFN Guide: Featured Artist. Written by K. Medrid

Alaska Dispatch. Oct. 21, 2011 Sea otters: An Alaska political predicament. Published by Jill Burke, 4 page article relating to sea otter issues with Don Young’s bill and Federal prossocutions of Natives.

Our Alaska Federal Regulations on seal and sea otter:

A non-native cannot possess a tanned or raw hide until it is altered by a AK native and made into a handicraft. Exporting the handicraft out of the United States is illegal without obtaining a CITES permit obtained by USFW. Which at this time the permit can cost up to $100 and can take up to six months to process. I apologize for not being able to sell outside the U.S.