Seal Skin and Sea Otter Fur Products

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Prince of Whales Wolf Trapper hat lined with Sea Otter

Wolves all look different. You can choose a hide color and I will custom fit this hat to your head.

CR36 $600

River & Sea Otter Trapper Hat

Called the "Otterlicious" Series when short nap of river otter and luscious warmth of sea otter combine to make -50 below windchill a summer breeze.

CR38 $565 

Lovely Lynx Trapper hat lined in Sea Otter

Quite a show stopper with these Kotzebue Alaska lynx hats. Super soft inside and out.


Seal & Sea Otter Trapper Hat

Durable rainproof seal meets warmth of sea otter. Nothing beats staying warm and dry while in an open boat, in winter going 30mph. This hat is a stock item, please check the shop for availability.

CR18  $495

Wolf & River Otter Trooper Hat

This amazing hat has sculpted wolf ear flaps and front facing. The shell is solid river otter with deer leather snap strap.


Seal & Sea Otter Trooper Hat

Didn't Elmer Fudd own one of these? Seal shell, sea otter lining with deer leather ties. 


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Ordering your custom work of art.

Custom ordering is easy. Before you email, check out the Taking Measurements page and follow the charts. Then email the measurements and pick your hide color or bead selection if applicable.