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sea more teddy bear

Sea More Teddy Bear

Is as cute as can be with his soft sea otter body and ivory mink face.  Topped off with a seal bow tie.  He is available in two sizes

Medium (18" tall) Item CR#41 - $600.00
Large (24" tall) Item CR#42 - $900.00
savoonga fly

Savoonga Polar Bear Fly

Please email for a color chart

Fur comes from the village of Savoonga located on St. Lawrance Island of Alaska. Each fly is tied is offered in 8 color schemes to catch many different trophy fish.

Item CR#14 - $10.00
sel sea otter sweeties

Seal/Sea Otter Sweeties

Stands 3.5 inches tall

Sweeties wear a seal coat with a deer skin face surrounded by a sea otter ruff. Offered in Pin or Ornament style, with a felt backing. Seals come in a variety of colors. See color chart..

Item CR#1 - $25.00
seal claw necklace

Seal Claw Necklace

Adjusts to 30 inches.

Seal claws are large and used to haul themselves out on the rocks. These claws are boiled and bleached lightly to sterilize.

Item CR#13 - $25.00
three claw necklace

Three Seal Claw Necklace

Adjusts to 30 inches

Seal claws measure from 1.5 to 2 inches in length. Please specify bead color when ordering.

Item CR#37- $55.00
wolf hat

Howling Wolf Hat

Available in SM, MED, LG

Made from Alaska Prince of Whales Wolf and fully lined with sea otter. Deer leather braided ties allow the flaps to be tied behind the head. Can be custom ordered if supplies are on hand.

Item CR#36 - $600.00
seal claw head band

Seal Claw Head or Hat Band

Size is 20 x 1.5 inches

These seal claws range from 2.5 to 1.5 inches and are secured under leather and beads. This band can be worn around a hat, or the soft felt lining allows it to be worn directly on your head.

Seal Claw Head or Hat Band

Item CR#39 - $275.00
sea otter blanket

Sea Otter Lap Blanket

Size 28" x 36"

One whole otter is used to make this unique blanket. This is the only legal way you can own a significantly altered whole otter pelt. Brocade fabric in your choice of 5 colors is used as a backing. Larger sizes available.

Item CR#21 - $975.00
wolf mittens

Wide Cuff Wolf Mittens

Available in Men’s Medium and Large

Beautiful wolf fur surrounds a very functional mitten. Seal cuff underneath, deer palms with sea otter lining inside. Leather wrist and cuff ties to adjust on your wrist and snug down around your arms.

Item CR#31 - $675.00