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card holder

Seal Card Holder

Size 3" x 4"

Keep your business cards dry in this wallet made from naturally waterproof seal.

Item CR#23 - $40.00
pacifying pet  purse

Pacifying Pet Purse

Size 3" x 4"

Your eyes will glaze over when you pet this soft sea otter fur purse. It will fit business cards or use it as a hand warmer with thermal packs.

Item CR#28 - $45.00
change purse

Seal Change Purse

Size 3.5" x 3"

Large enough to hold $8 worth of quarters. But not made for credit cards. Magnets secure the top.

Item CR#12 - $40.00
cell purse

Cell Purse

Made of seal with sea otter back. Thin deer strap, dotted with antler button and beads

Regular Cell Purse Size 4" x 5"

Item CR#16 - $55.00

Cell Purse Plus Size 5" x 7"

Item CR#44 - $75.00
dance purse

Dance Purse

Size 5" x 7"

This Purse is used in Native dance. Inside is lined with a fine fabric with room for the latest "smart" phones. The long adjustable strap is made of braded deer hide and is worn on the hip. Adorned with custom beading and deer button.

Item CR#4a - $195.00

Dance purse without Beads

Item CR#4b - $175.00
x-large dance purse

Dance Lap Purse

Size 7.5" x 8.5"

Keep your hands warm while this lays on your lap. Seal front and full sea otter back with magnet closure and long adjustable braided deer leather strap.

Item CR#26 - $355.00
large purse

Half Moon Purse

Size 6" x 9"

Made with a seal front and back. Adorned with braided deer leather strap, sea otter trim and custom beading. Magnets on top insure strong closure.

Item CR#16 - $325.00
seal seaotter satchel

Seal Sea Otter Satchel

Size 9" x 8" x 2"

Durable seal front with soft sea otter back.  Fully lined with pockets for keys and phone.  Deer leather strap, trim and bottom of bag.

Item CR#43 - $575.00